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Code Product Name
105927 Gloves Clear Stretchie Large 200
105926 Gloves Clear Stretchie Medium 200s
103454 Gloves Food Handling Clear Large 100s
103754 Gloves Food Handling Vinyl Powdered XL 10 x 100
100164 Gloves Food Vinyl Clear Medium 100s
100154 Gloves Food Vinyl Clear Small 100s
105798 Gloves Large Vinyl Clear Powder Free 100s
109118 Gloves Medium Vinyl Clear Powder Free 100s
103845 Gloves PE Large Clear 500s
103900 Gloves PE Medium Clear 500s
104357 Gloves PE Small Clear 500s
108062 Gloves Powdered Blue Large 100s
107916 Gloves Powdered Blue Medium 100s
107073 Gloves Powdered Blue Small 100
100222 Gloves Rubber Large Size 8.5
100217 Gloves Rubber Medium Size 7.5
107863 Gloves Small Vinyl Powder Free 100s
102931 Mop Handle Aluminium 1.5m
102933 Mop Head Large 600g No30
Kitchen Equipment
101776 Scraper Rubber Head Spatula
101488 Tongs 30cm Stainless Steel
108588 Whip Bulb 10s
108945 Band Aid Blue 100s
102932 Mop Bucket & Castors 16L
101659 Soap Hand Wash 6 x 250ml
103181 Soap Hand Wash Liquid 5L
106762 NDPS Pot And Pan Scourer Industrial x 1
100632 Scourer Green 10cm x 15cm 10s
102934 Scourer Sponge Yellow & Green 10s
108843 Scourer Stainless Steel 50g Contractor

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