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Code Product Name
103466 Sour Cream 2kg
103699 Sour Light Cream 2.2kg
Soy Based
108272 Bonsoy Milk UHT 6 x 1L
102863 Soy Milk Cafe UHT 12 x 1L
108581 Soy Milk UHT 8 x 1L
108220 Cooking Cream Extra Yield 1L
100799 Thickened Cream 5L
101746 Whipped Cream 500g
108667 Yoghurt Coconut Based 1kg
104816 Yoghurt Natural Greek 10kg
101539 Yoghurt Natural Greek 1kg
100740 Yoghurt Sweetened 10kg Bucket
107047 Yoghurt Sweetened 2kg

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