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Code Product Name
100275 Dim Sims Mini Chicken 1kg
106081 Dumpling Chicken+Mushroom 1kg
108079 Dumpling Pork Prawn Egg 1kg
106079 Dumpling Pork+Chive 1kg
103889 Thai Fish Cakes 1kg
101725 Capsicum Char Grilled 2kg
103805 Peppers Belle Cheese Filled
101778 Peppers Red Roasted 4.2kg
103386 Peppers Red Roaststrips 4.2kg
Dips & Pate
107392 Avocado Dip 2kg
107389 Eggplant Dip 2kg
107393 Guacamole Dip 2kg
106634 Hommus Dip 1kg Yumi
107387 Hommus Dip 2kg
107391 Spicy Capsicum Dip 2kg
107390 Tarama Red Caviar Dip 2kg
107388 Tzatziki Dip 2kg
102523 Dolmades 280g Palirra
100696 Dolmades 2kg Ampotis
101326 Eggplant Chargrilled 2kg
102164 Eggplant Chargrilled Bucket2kg
100135 Eggplant Chargrilled Strips 2k
101493 Eggplant Fillets In Oil 2kg
105165 Cornichon Baby Cucumber 2kg
102204 Dill Cucumbers 2.5kg
104280 Gherkins Whole 2kg
104305 Olives Green Greek 2kg
107146 Olives Green Pitted 2kg
104633 Olives Green Sicilian 1.7kg
101442 Olives Green Stuffed 1.9kg

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