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Code Product Name
107146 Olives Green Pitted 2kg
104633 Olives Green Sicilian 1.7kg
101442 Olives Green Stuffed 1.9kg
108701 Olives Kalamata 2kg Glass Jar
101534 Olives Kalamata Pitted 2kg
102097 Olives Kalamata Pitted Tin 5kg Drained Weight
100707 Olives Kalamata Sliced 2kg
108404 Olives Mixed Marinated Whole 2kg
101540 Olives Pitted Kalamata 10kg
101018 Olives Spanish Sliced Black 3kg
104279 Onions Cocktail 2kg
101017 Panino Mix 2kg
100076 Quiche Mini Combo 72 x 46g
107378 Quiche Mini Variety Pack No.1 72s
Retail - Savoury
100032 Crackers Cheese Board Assorted 250g
101289 Watercrackers Original 125g
Tomatoes Sun & Semi-Dried
101177 Tomatoes Semidried 10kg
105844 Tomatoes Semidried 2kg Plastic Bucket
101174 Tomatoes Semidried Glass Jar 2kg
100195 Tomatoes Semidried Strips 10kg
100201 Tomatoes Strips Ready To Eat 1kg
100084 Tomatoes Sundried Budget Oil 2.9k
103438 Tomatoes Sundried Strips 1.9k
101413 Tomatoes Sundried Strips 10kg
108084 Curry Puff Mini 8 x 1.25kg
106711 Onion Rings Tempura 1kg
100945 Samosas Cocktail 96s x 15gm
101021 Spring Rolls Cocktail 96s x 15g
100892 Spring Rolls Medium Vegetable 36 x 50gm
101166 Zucchini Fillets In Oil 2kg

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