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Code Product Name
101510 Apples Diced 2.7kg
101189 Pie Apples Sliced 3 x 2.7kg
109076 Apricot Halves 3xA10
103809 Artichoke Hearts In Brine A9
103335 Artichoke Quarters In Oil 10kg
100551 Artichoke Quarters In Oil 2kg
100145 Artichoke W-Stem In Oil 2.5kg
108731 Asparagus Spears 425g
Bamboo Shoots
101706 Bamboo Shoots Strips 2.95kg
107922 Banana Chunk 35mm Bulk 10kg
103818 Banana Chunks 1kg
Bean Mixes
104578 Baked Beans 24x220g
104542 Baked Beans 3 x A9 HL
108698 Baked Beans 555g
104934 Black Beans Canned 12x550g
104122 Borlotti Beans 400g
104124 Butter Beans 400g
105549 Cannelini Bean 2.6kg Italdoro
100371 Cannellini Beans Canned 400g
107767 Chick Peas 6 x A9
101071 Chick Peas Canned 400g
103455 Five Bean Mix 6 x 2.5kg
101445 Four Bean Mix 400g
101547 Red Kidney Beans 400g
101556 Red Kidney Beans 6x2.5kg
100966 Refried Beans 3kg
100226 Beans Green Whole Baby 2kg
109072 Edamame Bean No Shell 454g
109071 Edamame Bean Pods 454g With Skin
Beans Dried
108678 Borlotti Beans 1kg

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