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Chicken Crumbed & Roasted
101387 Chicken Meat Diced Roasted 1kg
101245 Chicken Meat Sliced 6 x 1kg
101128 Chicken Nuggets Breast Tempura 1kg Fully Cooked
109353 Chicken Nuggets Crumbed 1kg
101110 Chicken Nuggets Crumbed 1kg Fully Cooked
100049 Chicken Schnitzel 40 x 120g Fully Cooked
104259 Chicken Schnitzel Breast 10 x 100g Fully Cooked
100475 Chicken Schnitzel Butterfly 30 x 190g Uncooked
109373 Chicken Schnitzel Full Breast 5 x 1kg Uncooked
100737 Chicken Schnitzels Breast 30s Uncooked
101236 Chicken Schnitzels Full Breast 30s Uncooked
100576 Chicken Sweet Chilli Tenders 1kg
109352 Chicken Tender Crumbed 1kg
102065 Flaming Chicken Wing Nibbles 6 x 1kg
Choclate Cooking Compound
100467 Chocettes Dark Compound Bits 5kg
101218 Chocolate Dark Compound Calypso 5kg
103059 Chocolate Milk Buttons 5kg
107923 Chocolate White Callets 1.5kg
101225 Chocolate White Compound Buttons 5kg Snowcap
100770 Drinking Chocolate 1.4kg
106005 Drinking Chocolate 1.75kg
106004 Drinking Chocolate 25k
102503 Drinking Chocolate 2kg
102611 Drinking Chocolate Cappucino 3 x 1kg
108135 Drinking Chocolate Flying Cups 1kg
100775 Drinking Chocolate Rich & Creamy 13kg
100361 Drinking Chocolate Rich Creamy 5 x 1kg
108015 Drinking Chocolate White 1Kg
108194 Caramelised Onion 2kg
104572 Chutney Fruit 2.9kg

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