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Code Product Name
104283 Bread Butter Cucumbers 2kg
108874 Cucumbers Sliced Sandwich Stack 2kg
107301 Aioli 10kg
108426 Aioli Dressing 940ml
107927 Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise 1L
105945 Aioli Garlic Sauce 2L
109127 Aioli Garlic Vegan 8 x 260g
105148 Aioli Roast Garlic 2.2kg
106117 Balsamic Italian Dressing 2.6kg
101777 Caesar Salad Dressing 2.6kg
102096 Caesar Salad Dressing 2.6L
102891 Coleslaw Dressing 2.4kg
106132 French Dressing 2.6kg
100763 French Dressing Fat Free 2.6L
105989 Greek Salad Dressing 3L
101472 Honey Mustard Dressing 2.5kg
106146 Italian Dressing 2.6kg
101378 Ranch Dressing 2.55L
107868 Smokey Chipotle Mayonnaise 1L
108992 Thai Lime And Coriander Dressing 8 x 250ml
102892 Thousand Island Dressing 2.4kg
Drink Bases
105603 Fruit Mix Banana 1L
108069 Vanilla Essence Pure 1L
107775 Vanilla Imit Essence 500ml
Flour & Pre-Mixes Other
106787 Flour Besan Chick Pea 1kg
104994 Flour Tapioca 500g
100909 Flour Tempura Batter 15kg
100852 Potato Flour Starch 2kg GF
104889 Rice Flour 3kg
101420 Rice Flour 500g

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