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Code Product Name
103318 Split Peas Yellow 1kg
101700 Wheat Crushed Fine 1kg
108679 Wheat Fine Crushed 1kg
108514 Wheat Germ 500g
101013 Gravy Mix 3kg
104624 Gravy Mix Beef 7kg
109217 Gravy Mix Instant Rich 7kg
100629 Gravy Mix Rich 2kg
101330 Gravy Mix Rich 7.5kg
109029 Gravy Mix Rich Brown GF 2kg
109223 Ranch Dressing 6 x 1kg
108838 Basil Leaves Sweet 150g
102344 Bay Leaves Canister 50g
100705 Italian Herbs Dried 160g
108354 Mixed Herbs 500g
108278 Oregano Leaves 500g Pure Greek
106522 Parsley Flakes 250g Canister
104771 Rosemary Leaves Canister 200g
100251 Tarragon Leaves 100g
104773 Thyme Leaves Canister 200g
109265 Turmeric Ground Bag 500g
106281 Honey Pure 3kg
106376 Honey Squeeze 375g
107613 Horseradish Sauce 2.25L
Jalepeno Peppers
105996 Chipotle Peppers 215g
106491 Chipotle Peppers A10
108818 Apricot Jam Plastic Tub 2.5kg
108193 Blackberry Jam 2.4kg
108344 Fig And Cinnamon Jam 1.2kg
102742 Marmalade 500g

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