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Code Product Name
101573 Pineapple Juice 1L Tetra Pak
102091 Pineapple Juice Fresh Plastic Bottle 2L
100209 Tomato Juice 1L Tetra Pak
Kebabs & Satays
100630 Chicken Kebabs 48s
109030 Lamb Yiros 1kg
101536 Macadamia Nuts Kernels 1kg
Maple Syrup
103119 Maple Flavoured Syrup 3L
101079 Mayonnaise Coleslaw 21kg
109376 Mayonnaise Egg 20kg Pail Gluten Free
105685 Mayonnaise European Style 5L
100277 Mayonnaise Lime And Chilli 2kg
100729 Mayonnaise Natural 21kg
103473 Mayonnaise Natural 3.5kg
104752 Mayonnaise Premium Egg 10kg
103917 Mayonnaise Real Egg 2.4kg
104675 Mayonnaise Traditional Whole Egg 14kg
100012 Mayonnaise Whole Egg 2.2kg
102233 Mayonnaise Whole Egg 20kg
107329 Mayonnaise Whole Egg Real 20kg
109246 Mayonnaise Whole Egg Real 2kg
100386 Fruit & Nut Dried Mix 1kg
107140 American Mustard 2.5kg
100700 American Mustard Squeeze Bottle 920ml
100922 Dijon Mustard 2.5kg
101502 Dijonnaise 2.5kg
101851 French Mustard 2.5kg
101384 Hot English Mustard 2.5kg
101306 Seeded Mustard 2.5kg
107990 Noodle Hokkien 1kg Frozen
106544 Noodle Soba 12 x 270g

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