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Code Product Name
101228 Dim Sims Chicken Large 48x110g
107240 Bacon Cafe Rindless 5kg
106692 Bacon Diced Real 2kg
100278 Bacon Eye Rindless 5kg
100989 Bacon Premium Rashers 5kg
109011 Bacon Rasher Rindless 5kg
105167 Bacon Rashers R/L 2 x 2.5kg
101715 Bacon Streaky R/L 3kg
107850 Bacon Thick Rindless 3x5kg
109149 Beef Rib USA Style Frozen App 12kg
100250 Beef Scotch Fillet No.2 App3kg
101630 Beef Scotch Fillet No1 App2.5k
102395 Beef Silverside Yrlng App7kg
104191 Beef Sirloin Steak App5kg
101173 Beef Topside Cap Off App6.5kg
Beef Other
108729 Beef Pulled Mexican (8)
108767 Beef TriTip Marinated App1.2kg
100689 Mince Beef Premium 2kg Fresh
108985 Chicken 1/2 Breast Fillet Fresh 2kg
101123 Chicken Breast Fillet 8x2kg
105975 Chicken Smoked Br Ap2kg
Chicken Cooked
108732 Chicken BBQ Provence (8)
107637 Chorizo Sausage 2.5k
107342 Chorizo Spanish Sausage 2.2kg
106683 Kransky 2.5kg
109080 Kransky Cheese 2x2.5kg
109130 New York Pastrami Half App2kg
102827 Pastrami Mild Half App1.2kg
102582 Prosciutto Parma Half App1.5k
106395 Prosciutto Sliced App 500g

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