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Code Product Name
104839 Ham Shredded 3kg
101704 Chiko Rolls 12s
101552 Corn Jacks 12s
100346 Sausages Breakfast Thin 2kg Fresh
101402 Pepperoni Sliced Salami 3kg
104022 Salami Danish Large Approximately 2kg
102815 Salami Danish Small Approximately 1kg
107636 Salami Hot Sliced 1kg
106539 Salami Hungarian Sliced 1kg
102816 Salami Spanish Hot Small Approximately 1kg
Sausages Blanched
108608 Sausage Blanched 2.5kg
102128 Beef Corned Quarters Approximately 1.5kg Cooked
106406 Beef Pulled Frozen 1kg Fully Cooked
106377 Beef Rare Roast Full Approximately 2kg
101059 Beef Rare Roast Half Approximately 1kg
108151 Beef Roast Quarter Cooked Approximately 2kg
107826 Beef Roast Sliced 1kg Cooked
109318 Jamon Serrano 100g
109192 Mortadella Sliced 1kg
106404 Pork Pulled Frozen 1kg Fully Cooked

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