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Code Product Name
Ghee/ Butter Oil
101264 Ghee Pure 1.8kg
100776 Margarine Spread 5kg
102002 Oil Filters Cones 50s
101038 Oil Sesame Pure 2L
101667 Oil Tap
Tallow Based
100436 Oil Frytol Frying 20kg
Vegetable Based
102354 Oil Black Truffle 250ml
108116 Oil Canola 20L
100688 Oil Canola Spray Non-Stick 400g
106195 Oil Cottonseed 20L
106898 Oil Cottonseed 20L
100328 Oil Cottonseed 20L Formula 40
101675 Oil Olive Extra Virgin 4L
108570 Oil Olive Extra Virgin 4L Mediterranean
102965 Oil Olive Pomace 4L
106385 Oil Olive Truffle 250ml
103008 Oil Peanut 5L
109052 Oil Salad (20%Olive Oil) 4L
106938 Oil Solid Vegetable 15kg
108630 Oil Tuscan Blended 15L Pura
106199 Oil Vegetable 20L
104838 Oil Vegetable 5L
101621 Oil Vegetable Salfry 20L

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