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Code Product Name
Bags Food/Bottle/Motel
102438 Bags Freezer Produce On Roll 450 x 300mm
107890 Bags Paper Brown 1W Strung 178 x 165 500s
107504 Bags Paper Brown 2W Strung 200 x 200mm 500s
107824 Bags Paper Brown 3F Strung 240 x 200mm 500s
107891 Bags Paper Brown 4F Strung 290 x 240mm 500s
101318 Bags Paper Brown Satchel 2SO 500s
107689 Bags Paper Carry Brown SOS 500s
109093 Bags Paper White 1W Strung 178 x 165mm 500s
109094 Bags Paper White 2W Strung 200 x 200mm 500s
109095 Bags Paper White 3F Strung 240 x 200mm 500s
107825 Bags Paper White 4F Strung 290 x 240mm Long 500s
100891 Bags Singlet Large Carry 250s
101360 Bags Singlet Medium Carry 250s
108880 Garbage Bags Blue Carton Liner 1,000s
103175 Burger Box Cardboard 250s
107690 Burger Box Clam Brown 250s
102641 Burger Pack Foam Large 100s
108943 Cardboard Dinner Brown Endura 178 x 160 x 75 150's
103173 Dinner Box Cardboard 150s
102640 Dinner Pack Foam 100s
108295 Lunch Box White Medium 200s Window
108296 Lunch Box White Small 200s Window
108297 Lunch Box White XS 200s Window
107275 Pizza Box 11in Cardboard 100s
107260 Pizza Box 13in Cardboard 100s
107276 Pizza Box 9in Cardboard 100s
103170 Pizza Box Single Slice 250s
108037 Snack Box Cardboard Large Brown 200s
103101 Snack Box Large Cardboard 200s
103174 Snack Box Regular Cardboard 200s

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