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Code Product Name
108051 Cups Round Portion Control 125 x 1oz/30ml
108052 Cups Round Portion Control 125 x 2oz/59ml
107721 Food Pail With Handle 16oz 250s
107900 Food Pail With Handle 26oz 250s
108178 Lid Flat for Foam Bowl 12/16oz 50s
108053 Lid Portion Control Plastic 125 x 1oz
108050 Lid Portion Control Plastic Flt 125 x 2oz
104395 Lid Rectangle Container Plastic Dome 50s
104784 Lid Rectangle Flat Container Plastic 50s
104441 Lid Round Container Plastic Dome 50s
104785 Lid Round Container Plastic Flat 50s
100094 Lid Round Plastic 100ml 50s
104776 Lid Round T2 70ml Plastic 100s
107662 Lid Soup CPLA 12/16/24oz 50s
107941 Lid To Suit 1oz Container 100s
108460 Lids Noodle Bowl 1050ml 400s
108459 Noodle Bowl Black 1050ml 400s
106669 Portion Control Cups 1.5oz/44ml 250s
104778 Rectangle Container Plastic 1L 50s
104782 Rectangle Container Plastic 500ml 50s
104781 Rectangle Container Plastic 650ml 50s
104780 Rectangle Container Plastic 700ml 50s
104779 Rectangle Container Plastic 750ml 50s
104788 Rectangle Container Plastic Black 500ml 50s
104787 Rectangle Container Plastic Black 750ml 50s
100950 Round 100ml Container Plastic 50s
104792 Round Container Plastic 10oz 100s
104791 Round Container Plastic 16oz 50s
104790 Round Container Plastic 20oz 50s
104789 Round Container Plastic 25oz 50s

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