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Code Product Name
104793 Round Container Plastic 8oz 100s
104777 Round T2 Containers 70ml 100s
102241 Sandwich Wedges Large Clear 500
100169 Shobowl Dome Lid 20oz 150s
104232 ShoBowl Dome Lid 8oz 250s
100196 Shobowl With Dome Lid 24oz 150s
100223 Snack Pack Large White Foam 100
108224 Soup Bowl Foam 50 x 12oz
108225 Soup Bowls Foam 50 x 16oz
107706 Soup Cups 12oz Heavyboard 25s
107707 Soup Cups 24oz Heavyboard 25s
106168 Cups Coffee 4oz Single Wall White 50s
106189 Cups Coffee Dimple 12oz Black 500s
106186 Cups Coffee Dimple 12oz Brown 500s
106188 Cups Coffee Dimple 8oz Black 500s
106185 Cups Coffee Dimple 8oz Brown 500s
105220 Cups Coffee Double Wall 12oz Jute
106648 Cups Coffee Double Wall Black 16oz 300s
106620 Cups Coffee Jute 8oz 50s Single Wall
107574 Cups Coffee Jute Single Wall 12oz 50s
109257 Cups Coffee Single Wall White 16oz 25s
104445 Cups Drink Plastic 225ml 50s
104444 Cups Drink Plastic 285ml 50s
104446 Cups Drink Plastic 350ml 50s
104447 Cups Drink Plastic 425ml 50s
104448 Cups Drink Plastic 540ml 50s
104449 Cups Drink Plastic 620ml 50s
104069 Cups Paper Chips 12oz 50s
103096 Cups Paper Chips 8oz 50S
100813 Cups Paper Milkshake 24oz 25s

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