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Code Product Name
106509 Lid 4oz White Sippa 100s
107968 Lid Black For 8-12-16oz 1,000s
104915 Lid Dome Large Cups 100s For 425/540/620ml
104914 Lid Dome Small Cups 100s For 225/285/350ml
104913 Lid Flat Large Cups 100s For 425/540/620ml
104912 Lid Flat Small Cups 100s For 225/285/350ml
100424 Lid Paper Milkshake 24oz 100s
106561 Lid Portion Control 1.5oz 100's
103841 Lid Sippa For 8-12-16oz Coffee Cups 100s White
108693 Ripple Wrap Uni-Coffee Cups 16oz 500s
107663 Soup Cups 16oz Heavyboard 25s
108694 Uni-Cups Lid 8/12/16oz 500s
108925 Wooden Forks 100s
100232 Doyleys Rectangular 10 x 14in 250s
108202 Doyleys Round 10.5in 250s
108205 Doyleys Round 12in 250s
101031 Doyleys Round 5.5in 250s
101036 Doyleys Round 6.5in 250s
101040 Doyleys Round 8.5in 250s
105879 Napkins Cocktail Brown Recycled 1Ply 2,000s
105959 Napkins Cocktail White 2Ply 2,000s
108331 Napkins Dinner Brown Redifold 1,000s
105958 Napkins For Dispenser Compact Fold 250s
105957 Napkins For Dispenser Tall Fold 250s
106612 Napkins Linen Look Redifold 500
105576 Napkins Lunch Brown 1Ply 3,000s
100993 Napkins Lunch Extra Thick Elegance 1,000s
100175 Napkins Lunch White 1Ply Redifold 3000s
106109 Napkins Lunch White 2Ply 125s
105979 Napkins Lunch White 2Ply GT Fold 2,000s

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