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Code Product Name
103465 Napkins Luncheon White 1Ply 3,000s
108201 Napkins Quilted Dinner GT Fold White 1,000s
100904 Bottle Squeeze Plastic 1L
100675 Cake Tray Small White Cardboard 200s
107114 Dissolvable Product Label 500s
103566 Drink Tray 2 Coffee Cups Eggboard 200s
104054 Drink Tray Cardboard 4 Coffee Cups 100s
107995 Forks Bamboo Cocktail 10 x 100
101140 Labels Friday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101106 Labels Monday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101143 Labels Saturday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101147 Labels Sunday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101133 Labels Thursday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101114 Labels Tuesday Dot 19mm 2,000s
101122 Labels Wednesday Dot 19mm 2,000s
109366 Spray Bottles 750ml
102643 Tray Foam Black 11 x 9in 125s
102642 Tray Foam Black 14 x 11in 70s
107501 Tray Food Extra Small 1,000s
104541 Drink Tray 4 Coffee Cups Eggboard 100s
103544 Plates Round Foam 7in 125s
101857 Plates Round Foam 9in 125s
107229 Skewer Bamboo Knotted 10cm 50s
107129 Skewer Bamboo Knotted 15cm 100s
107996 Skewers Bamboo 15cm 12 x 100s
103002 Skewers Bamboo 20cm 100s
103001 Skewers Bamboo 25cm x 4mm Long 1,000s
107166 Skewers Paddle 18cm 100s
105195 Cocktail Umbrella 100s
108010 Docket Book Duplicate 10 x 100 Pages

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