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Code Product Name
103951 Plastic Spork 100s
104750 Plastic Teaspoon Black 1,000s
105524 Soup Spoon Chinese Plastic 100
106028 SSET Teaspoon Stainless Steel 12s
101815 SSF Fork Stainless Steel 12s
100037 SSK Knife Stainless Steel 12s
105606 SSSS Dessert Spoon Stainless Steel 12s Plain
105585 Stirrers Cocktail Plastic Swizzle
100106 Teaspoon Plastic White 100s
100561 Wooden Coffee Long Stirrer 1,000s
100557 Wooden Coffee Stirrers 1,000s
109371 Wooden Dessert Spoons 100's
109372 Wooden Knife 100's
101279 Aluminium Foil Disp 150m x 30cm
101282 Aluminium Foil Disp 150m x 44cm
105960 Baking Paper 30cm x 120M
100441 Cling Wrap 600m x 33cm
100446 Cling Wrap 600m x 45cm
103696 Foil Sheets 305mm x 273mm 500s
105002 Go Between 15Mx33cm Glad
101233 Greaseproof 1/2 Cut 400mm x 330mm
101226 Greaseproof 1/4 Cut 400mm x 165mm
101219 Greaseproof 1/5 Cut 400mm x 132mm
101213 Greaseproof 1/6 Cut 400mm x 110mm
101229 Greaseproof Paper 1/3 Cut 400mm x 220mm

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