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Code Product Name
100401 Spring Rolls 12s
103193 American Brownie Tray Cake 15 x 68g
103264 Apple Slice Tray Cake 15 x 114g
106532 Banana Bread Sliced 12s
108989 Banana Mini Loaf No Added Sugar 8s
107084 Brownie Sliced Cake 15 x 68g
103518 Caramel Slice Tray Cake 15 x 122g
103195 Caramel Slice Tray Cake 15 x 130g
103197 Carrot Cake Slice Tray 15 x 125g
101095 Carrot Slab Cake 2.25kg
103219 Cherry Slice Tray Cake 1.5kg
100149 Chocolate Slab Cake 1.8kg
103383 Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecake Slice Tray
107083 Flake Cheesecake Slice 18 x 102g Cadbury
109132 Jaffa Slice Tray Cake 18 x 94g
106099 Macarons Assorted 96s
103677 New York Cheesecake Whole Unsliced
108988 Raspberry & Coconut Mini Loaf No Added Sugar 8s
106557 Red Velvet Slice Cake 18 x 125g
106766 Tiramisu Cake Sliced 15 x 110g
Crepes Sweet
106640 Crepes Traditional French 12s
101045 Danish 12703 Mini Mixed 150s Ready To Bake
108141 Mango Sorbet 5L
108143 Raspberry Sorbet 5L
Golden Syrup
104338 Golden Syrup 850g
Ice Cream
104714 Ice Cream Vanilla 10L
109188 Ice Cream Vanilla 10L Gold Label
106462 Ice Cream Vanilla 5L
Maple Syrup
107840 Maple Flavoured Syrup 2L
104502 Maple Syrup Pure 1.85L

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