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Code Product Name
Seafood Battered
108419 Barramundi Fish Saltwater Beer Battered 3kg
101322 Barramundi Fish Tempura 30 x 115g
101806 Calamari Rings Tempura 1kg
104053 Calamari Torpedo Salt and Pepper 1kg
100647 Fish Cocktail Tempura 1kg
106088 Fish Cocktail Tempura 1kg
106616 Fish Fillets Tempura 30 x 115g
104759 Flathead Fish Fillet Crispy Batter 3kg
100697 Flathead Fish Fillets Beer Battered 3kg
108039 Flathead Fish Pale Ale Batter 3kg
108041 Flathead Fish Tails Crispy 3kg
108905 Hoki Fish Fillets Crispy Battered 22 x 140g
103882 Prawns Torpedo Tempura 1kg
101787 Salt and Pepper Squid 3 x 1kg
109375 Squid Salt And Cracked Black Pepper 3 x 1kg
104796 Tempura Fish Fillets 24 x 110g
104795 Tempura Fish Fillets 24 x 140g
Seafood Crumbed
109350 Arancini Minted Peas 2kg
109349 Arancini Tomato 2kg
101032 Calamari Rings Crumbed 1kg
108026 Panko Crumb Prawns 1.04kg
109233 Prawns Cutlet Crumbed 10/15 1kg
108907 Prawns Double Crunch Salt And Pepper Uncooked 1kg
108906 Prawns Double Crunch Spicy Uncooked 1kg
101772 Seafood Baskets 20 x 230g
Seafood Other
108625 Seafood Salad Extender Mix 1kg
108926 Squid Stick Salt And Pepper Uncooked 1kg

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