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Ayman T

Head of Sales and Business Development

With a career spanning 27 years in the food industry, Ayman’s move to St. George was a natural one.

“I started working here in 2015 as a sales rep after running my own business, and it just suited me right from the start. It was a good fit for me coming from food and beverages, but also on a personal level.

Having run my own businesses, I truly understand the other side of the equation – the end user. I have felt our customers’ experiences and pain points, which helps me find the unique solutions each customer needs.

I can articulate the end user’s experience back to the business, which is very important to create a positive customer experience.”

A large part of Ayman’s job is motivating the sales team and ensuring that St. George’s customers have an outstanding customer experience.

“I relish this because it’s a natural extension of my skills and personality – I’m a really positive person who is always striving to achieve better for the company and the team.”

It didn’t take long for Ayman to feel right at home at St. George.

“The family values of the company are quite strong and well established. You immediately feel as though you’re part of a family instead of a corporate entity. For me, that’s really important.”

Ayman is looking forward to seeing how St. George continues to grow over the coming years.

“St. George has a lot to offer to the marketplace, and with our quality service and reliability, it puts us in good stead.”

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