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Over 18 years. It’s a long time. A lifetime, in fact.

But that’s how long St. George Foodservice has been working with one of their key customers, Maria and Paul, owners of catering juggernaut Bella Catering.

The partnership is longstanding for good reason. It works. And it works well.

We talked to Bella Catering co-owner Maria De Pasquale on why she and her brother, Paul Katsidis, have continued to rely on St. George Foodservice to deliver a complete and reliable wholesale solution for nearly two decades.

Safe And Easy Option

St. George has been there for us from the very beginning

Starting out as chicken wholesalers, Maria and Paul were new to the cafe game when they bought their first cafe in North Sydney, which is why they decided to keep all of the cafe’s existing suppliers, including St. George Foodservice. It was the safe and easy option.

As time went on and the pair became more comfortable with the business, some suppliers were assessed and let go. But St. George Foodservice wasn’t one of them.

“Letting go of St. George was never an option,” Maria explains.

“They have been there for us from the very beginning. They have always been reliable and provided the best service.

And they’re loyal. Loyalty is a big one for me – I really value loyalty. It’s important to me, to my brother and to our business.”

Highest Of Standards

Meeting the highest of standards

As the duo moved from hectic cafe life and into the world of catering, St. George Foodservice followed them every step of the way.

Maria and Paul have transformed their skill, passion and incredible tenacity to build Bella Catering – a booming business that meets the highest of standards in the world of catering and events for both corporate and private customers.

From big biz launches and elegant cocktail parties to smaller lunches and other private events, Bella Catering prides itself on making an impact on each and every customer – each and every time.

“Supplying us with everything from cheese and other dairy products, to cold meats, fresh fruit and spices, St. George Foodservice is able to provide us with all the essential building blocks that Bella Catering need to create and stage our spectacular culinary events.”

Supplier That Delivers Daily

A supplier that delivers daily and cares about our business

St. George Foodservice is Bella Catering’s daily supplier. While other suppliers only offer delivery three times a week, St. George delivers daily. So, whatever is needed and whenever it’s needed, St. George is always there.

“If we ever encounter a problem with something, St. George will help,” says Maria.

“If we need something rushed to us – even after our delivery is done – St. George Foodservice will go that extra mile to get it to us.

That really puts them on a whole different level. They really care about us and our business.”

The Perfect Partnership

The perfect partnership

For St. George Food Service, the customer comes first. Delivering the best in reliable customer service comes with the package of being one of Sydney’s complete and reliable wholesale solutions.

The banter between the two businesses doesn’t go unnoticed. St. George’s delivery driver, Yianni, is always up for a chat with the Bella crew. They have a great rapport. And it’s been like that since day one. Forming close and trusting relationships with customers is something that’s also really important to St. George Foodservice as a family-orientated business.

“We can always rely on St. George to provide the very best. It’s guaranteed. We don’t have to think twice. They deliver on time, every time. There’s no stress. We have the perfect partnership.”

With a dollop of reliable customer service, a spoonful of loyalty, a scoop of fun and a big dose of the very best in fare, this duo is enjoying the fruits of a well-cooked partnership.

St. George Foodservice is proud to supply Bella Catering with the very best and continue the legacy of being one of Sydney’s most complete and reliable wholesale solutions.

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