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Catering - 5 Key Features

Why buy from us?

  • Buy in bulk
  • Huge range of finger food and specialty items
  • Catering and speciality items for functions and events
  • Generous rewards programme “The Best of the Best”
  • Easy ordering through mobile app, email or phone
  • Most reliable food distribution service in Sydney
The Right Ingredients

The right ingredients

Giving your customers the right ingredients means you’re giving them the best experience.

Our enormous range of food products and expert staff help you to create the right product for your customers.

From small goods, dairy, meat, and poultry, pasta, and bread, to finger foods, antipasto, and seafood, you can find it at St. George.

Special Dietary Requirements

Special dietary requirements

Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal-certified, gluten-free, dairy-free, protein-based, low sugar, or food for the health conscious, we have all your food distribution needs covered.

Our special packaging ensures it is at your door or fridge at exactly the right temperature and our expert drivers will deliver it safely and on time,.

Even if you order it late the night before.

That’s the advantage of being a local, family-owned business. We do the runaround so that you don’t have to.

Right Food Preparation And Cleaning Products

Avoid the runaround

Having to go into different stores and compare prices for wholesale food preparation products is a waste of your time.

At St. George Foodservice, we’ve done all the hard work for you… with an enormous range of wholesale food preparation products ready for you under one roof. Buying it all from us saves you time and money.

One delivery. One invoice.

We have you covered. Contact us today about our incredible range.

Confidence In Food Packaging

Confidence in food packaging

When you’re catering to functions or delivering meal-preparation kits to your customers, you need to know that the food you’ve made for them will arrive at their tables in perfect condition.

At St. George, we have our own special packaging to ensure the food travels safely and arrives safely at your door or fridge.

All our trucks have chiller sections and special freezer sections and they are fitted with an advanced GPS tracking system so that we can monitor the temperature of the food for its entire journey.

SGFS All Your Disposables Ready

All your disposables ready

You don’t have to dash to different stores to find all your disposable products. We have a huge range at St. George that you can simply add on to your food order. Having only one order and one invoice will make your job easier.

Are you ready to save time and money with a complete and reliable wholesale food distribution solution?

Contact us today.

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