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Freezer, Warehouse

We all know the old saying that “you only live once”. For Geoff, this has become his motto because he’s actually lived twice.

Five years ago, he was brought back to life after his heart stopped, and since that day, he has embraced life with even more passion and vigour than he had before.

Geoff’s career at St. George has spanned 20 years. He is responsible for meticulously restocking the freezer, and an important aspect of that is knowing what sells and what doesn’t.

Although the freezer is his specialty, extraordinarily, he does almost everything by memory and based on his amazing experience.


This isn’t something you can be taught. It’s based on his extensive work experience, and he uses this daily to ensure the freezer is restocked successfully.

“I have a knack for it. I taught myself how to do this and now I just know where everything is and when I need to restock to keep it  all in order and ready.”

Geoff doesn’t mind the relative isolation of working in the freezer section of the warehouse. He’s a really focused sort of person, and he loves being able to carry out all he needs to do without interruption. But St. George being the friendly place that it is, of course it doesn’t get lonely.

“Everybody will come in and say hi, which is great, and makes me feel part of the team.”

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