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Jessica M

Head of Marketing

Jessica knew from a young age that she wanted to work in marketing and communications. So, once she’d completed a Bachelor of Commerce in  Marketing, she couldn’t wait to put all that theory into practice.

Jessica quickly realised it was in the food industry where she could really apply her passion.

“When a product lands in my hands, I can immediately see why it will appeal to our customers and fit into their menu or pantry. I love providing customers with all the exciting information about new products and how they can add value to their business, helping them to visualise in very real terms how the product will help them to update and innovate their own service.”

Jess looks after all the marketing for St. George Foodservice, including promoting the newest ranges of products, new deals on offer, or product ranges the company has put together for customers.

“The food industry is complex. There is so much innovation all the time and new tastes. I especially love homing in on how a product can appeal to so many different people in different ways and finding the right creative message to give to our customers.”

Importantly for Jess, directors Kathy and Nick encourage her to discover new approaches and to see how they can help customers innovate.

I love working with owners Nick and Kathy every day. Seeing their passion for the industry and how much they care about us and our customers is such a blessing. I feel every last job has led me here.”

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