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Jinan N

Head of Customer Service Operations

What do you do with a bubbly, friendly, caring woman who finds the positive in just about anything?

You make her head of customer service operations, of course!

Jinan is the definition of friendly, easy-going, approachable and fair. And that’s precisely the sort of person you need to head up what is really the heart and soul of St. George Foodservice – the customer service team.

Running the day-to-day operations of customer service is a tough and demanding job.

“My role is a big one. It’s very involved and can be very high pressure, but we have a wonderful team at St. George. They make it easier and we all laugh and have random conversations, which really takes the pressure off.”

But make no mistake: Jinan is incredibly driven and isn’t happy unless she’s given 110 per cent to every task. She takes immense pride in her work and loves seeing the positive results achieved and the feedback from her customers.

Over the eight years she has worked at St. George, Jinan has built wonderful relationships with her customers, too. “With the team so friendly and our customers so great, we really feel like a family.”

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