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Kathy L

Brand Ambassador/Owner

Kathy Loukopoulos is a people person.

From the moment you meet her, she’s all smiles and warmth and wanting to make sure you’re taken care of. It’s no surprise really, considering the ethos of St. George is all about delivering the absolute best service to their customers. But it is just part of Kathy’s very makeup. She loves people and they love her back.

As co-owner and shareholder in St. George, Kathy’s special talents lie in being the St. George brand ambassador. And that’s all about the customer.

Customer service has been her special baby because she’s able to see things from the customer’s perspective.

“I guess that comes from my dad,” she says. “I’m able to see the right solution for the customer to help them move forward. I care about others. It’s just my nature.”

Kathy takes her responsibilities incredibly seriously. As well as having earned a Diploma in Hospitality Management, she has completed numerous directors’ courses through Australian Industry Group and Family Business Australia.

Kathy’s philosophy is simple: “We look after our customers. Whether they’ve been loyal to us for 30 years, or whether they’re new, they don’t have to worry. We’ll sort things out and give them peace of mind.”

She can see great things for the future of both St. George and the industry. It’s definitely challenging, and the constant changes keep her on her toes, but she’s very excited by what the future holds. “We have such a wonderful team, with incredible rapport and team spirit. We’re all on the same page.”

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