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HR Manager

One of the things Murray loves about being a HR manager is that he can facilitate keeping the lines of communication open. Not only does he see this as his specialty because he has a knack for it, but he derives a lot of satisfaction out of seeing employees being able to develop in their position and to move within the company and in the industry.

This is made a lot easier for him at St. George because the directors themselves love to see their staff happy as they develop and train.

“There’s a culture here of really supporting you to excel in the business,” he says, “because this is how the directors see that the business itself will excel.”

This is a recipe for success for both parties, with the added bonus of having happy, fulfilled staff who actually enjoy doing their jobs and feel like they are achieving their goals.

It’s a big and busy job looking after St. George’s 70 employees, but it’s one Murray loves and thrives on.

“St. George is a great family company. We know everyone really well and we have people’s interests at heart. We actually want people to succeed so that in turn the company can succeed.”

One of the things he loves about St. George is the enormous variety of personalities, which generates office banter and good humour.

“I’ve worked in many offices where it’s silent, but here there’s a lot of personalities and communication – that’s constant. They take their work seriously, but they love to see the lighter side of things.”

The directors foster this, because they’re so down to earth. “There’s a lot of passion from directors Nick and Kathy and you can see there’s a sense of belonging with everyone.”

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