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At St. George Foodservice, we make it easy for you with our streamlined, complete food supply process.


We save you time and money

Become a St. George customer and stop running around. Save time, save money, and instantly see your inventory at the tips of your fingers.

With St. George, you have the convenience of one order, one delivery, one person to talk to and one invoice. Our specials, promotions and spot sales events save you even more money.


We make it easy for you to order

We take the stress out of ordering because we’ve made our process so smooth.

Whether you need food products or cleaning and food preparation products, we help you get them quickly and without hassle.

You can order using our special mobile app, online, fax, email or phone.


We restock your pantry

With our bespoke pantry system, you can easily keep on top of what needs restocking in your pantry because you can see it instantly. Whether you use our mobile app or go online, you have instant access to your pantry.

What’s more, you have immediate access to our entire foodservice products and our cleaning and food preparation products.


We reward your loyalty

We reward you for purchasing all your food, cleaning and food preparation products from St. George Foodservice. St. George is a NAFDA (National Food Distributors Association) distributor, which means you earn reward points when you purchase products from us.

It’s easy. Simply go to our rewards page to see how it works.


We’re open early and late

We are here to take your order and assist you from 7.30 am Sunday to Friday.

And if you need to order something last minute, that’s no problem. We have an after-hours service so that you can make additions to existing orders. It’s easy, seamless and reliable.


We unpack your delivery for you

Our delivery trucks have chiller sections and separate freezer sections. And our experienced drivers will deliver your order on time, safely and at the right temperature.

We even deliver straight to your fridge and unpack your order, so you all have to do is start your business day. Hundreds of businesses trust us with their keys. And so can you.

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