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There’s nothing like driving around the city at night. It’s super quiet, peaceful and beautiful. That’s one of the things Paul loves about being a driver with St. George, a job he’s held for over 14 years.

Paul’s shift typically begins at midnight, with the first delivery being around 1.30 am.

“When I get to work, the truck’s loaded and ready. So, we check the truck is in perfect working order, then hit the road and start delivering.”

The first deliveries are for those customers who give St. George their keys.

Having customers’ keys allows Paul and the other drivers to deliver well before the customer has to get in the next day. What’s more, he even unpacks the delivery for the customer and fills up their freezer or chiller.

All the trucks are equipped with a special freezer or chiller section, and they are tracked with an advanced GPS tracking system. So, the customer can be assured that the food was stored at the correct temperature throughout the journey, and it will arrive at the right temperature, every time Paul delivers.

Paul loves driving and being on the road. But his job is so much more involved than that.

“There are millions of steps to getting deliveries right, and at St. George, you learn a lot about how the business is run, and the structure, and how different people with different skills do all the various things to make it work seamlessly.”

Family is important to Paul, and St. George being so family-oriented helped make him feel like he was home from the outset.

“I really appreciate my job and I don’t take anything for granted. And I have tremendous respect for our customers.”

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