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Get Rewarded with St. George

We reward you for purchasing all your food, cleaning and food preparation products from St. George Foodservice. St. George is a NAFDA distributor, and the “Best of the Best” program means you earn points when you purchase eligible products from us.

It’s easy. You can start enjoying your rewards in four easy steps – and keep track of your points online.

Step 1 Once you become a customer with us, we will send you your login information for the Best of the Best Portal where you can check and redeem points.

Step 2 Check out our range of the “Best of the Best” products here.

Step 3 Simply purchase products from St. George and start earning points.

Step 4 Enjoy your rewards! You can now redeem your points at any time via the online Best of the Best Portal.

It’s simple and it works.

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