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Robert Brissett

Robert Brissett

Credit Manager

Robert has been a credit manager for 33 years. That’s a lifetime any way you look at it. But he wouldn’t still be doing the job if he didn’t genuinely enjoy working with people and taking care of customers. Because after all, working in credit is all about taking care of St. George’s customers and helping them with their accounts.

“We provide customers with all the tools they need with regards to their account. From payment options to banking, credit card, cash, EFT and direct debit solutions. But more than this, we assist customers with any other queries about the business.”

That’s because at St. George Foodservice, you have the chance to get involved in other aspects of the organisation. That’s the beauty of being such a tight-knit team, because it encourages everyone to feel that they can contribute, especially with taking care of our customers.

“Although we’re the credit department and cash flow is our main work, we’re also an extension of the customer service department. So, we spend a good deal of our time helping customers.”

Robert worked in larger corporate organisations TNT and Ingham Chicken for 30 years, and it’s been a wonderful change coming into a family-owned business. In his three and a half years at St. George, he’s been more hands on in all aspects of the business, and he’s loved that.

“We have an amazing company and the credit team is just fantastic. So, I’m able to step away when I need to, and the team keeps on taking care of our customers without any hiccups. That’s a true testament to their training, professionalism and commitment to our customers.

Our job isn’t easy, but we care about our customers and our aim is to help them. So, no matter what the problem is, we can work closely with them to sort it out.”

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