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Skip G

AM Warehouse Supervisor

Skip is the resident jokester at St. George. He loves to have a good laugh with his colleagues as he works, because he’s quite cheeky, but also because his work day begins at 2 am.

That’s tough to fathom for most people, who are usually fast asleep and dreaming at this time of the early hours. But for Skip, it’s when he jumps out of bed, rearing to get started on his new day at the warehouse.

“It’s normal for me; it’s become a natural part of my day. And it’s vital in ensuring we are able to deliver to our customers first thing in the morning, even before they arrive at work.”

Skip’s story is a unique one in this day and age.

He started working at St. George straight out of high school, at 15 years of age, and he’s now been here for over 20 years.

“I love working at St. George. The people are great, especially the four guys I work with. And St. George is the sort of place where you can talk to the directors and know that things are going to get done right away.”

Although Skip’s schedule is incredibly hectic, he just takes it in his stride. “I just do it. I’m so used to it, but also I really enjoy what I do and I’m good at it.”

Skip loves to unwind by riding trail bikes and fixing up old cars. He has grand plans for restoring a HZ Holden, so keep an eye out for that one on the grounds of St. George.

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