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Sophie S

Customer Service Officer

The first thing you’ll notice about Sophie as soon as she begins talking is that she’s in a great mood. If positivity was a hat, she’d certainly be wearing one every day.

But it’s really quite simple for her. She loves working with people. And it shows in every interaction with her customers.

“My expertise is with people,” she says, and it’s clear to see from the first word she utters.

For Sophie, consistency is key when trying to resolve issues for customers. She works hard to ensure she carries her positivity through with everything she does, whether it’s taking an order or solving a problem, to give the customer the right outcome.

She finds it easy to remain positive because she always puts the customer first. This isn’t something she learned, it’s a life philosophy. She’s always thinking about others and considering their needs.

“Before becoming a customer service officer, I worked in the community sector for 17 years. Community work isn’t easy. I saw a lot of suffering and people doing it tough, but my desire to help others and make the world a better place helped me to remain positive.”

After those 17 years in community work, a chance part-time job at St. George Foodservice has turned into a 13-year career that she absolutely loves.

“The people are everything. We just mesh, which is what makes St. George such a great place.”

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