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Wintergarden Deli

Wintergarden Deli has held quite an iconic status since it opened in 1996.

Nestled within Wintergarden – a charming oasis-like food court located right in the heart of the CBD, with its sun-drenched atrium, wrapping flora-wall and vertical gardens – the Wintergarden Deli serves breakfast and lunch to almost 600 customers a day.

The crowds that buzz through every day know they can rely on Wintergarden Deli to consistently deliver great coffee, great food and great service…

…and in turn, Wintergarden Deli know they can rely on St. George Foodservice to provide them with a complete and reliable wholesale solution.

We talked to Wintergarden Deli owner, Dominic Greco, to find out the reasons he has worked alongside St. George for nearly two decades now.

The Best Customer Service

The best customer service, products and pricing

St. George Foodservice has played a vital role in the Wintergarden Deli story since the very beginning, when the cafe first opened its doors in 1996.

Dominic explains the factors that came into play when choosing St. George Foodservice as their main supplier:

“I looked at a whole range of suppliers, but St. George was the pick of the bunch. They stood out for so many reasons.

First and foremost, their service was impeccable. They offer the best in customer service and reliability. And they have the best products, with one of the biggest ranges out of all suppliers. It’s across the board – small goods, fresh, frozen.

Their pricing was also a perfect fit for our business. Working with St. George just made sense.”

Confidence In Our Partnership

Reliability that gives us confidence in our partnership

From cold cuts and meats to canned corn and beetroot, St. George delivers the essentials to Wintergarden Deli every day. When Dominic arrives at Wintergarden Deli each day at 4.30 am, the delivery is already there waiting for him.

It’s that sort of reliability that makes Dominic confident in his decision to work with St. George Foodservice.

“St. George’s service is number one. They’re always reliable,” Dominic says.

“I don’t have to worry about that part of the business because I know they will deliver.

I know that when I get to Wintergarden Deli every morning at 4.30 am, the St. George delivery will always be here waiting for me. It lets me get on with the job of running my business.”

St George Will Always Help

St. George is always there to help

Owning a cafe can be hectic and St. George Foodservice understands this. If anything goes wrong – and sometimes it can – St. George is there to help.

“If I ever get stuck with something, St. George is the first to help me deal with it,” Dominic explains. “Other suppliers simply don’t do that.”

Some things that Dominic also appreciates about St. George Foodservice are their flexibility and the options on offer.

“St. George has the best brands – they’re always really high quality. They will show me different options for each product and we go from there. Plus, if they don’t have something that I need, they bring it in for me. Having that choice and flexibility makes things easier for me,” he says.

The Pick Of The Bunch When It Comes To Suppliers

The pick of the bunch when it comes to suppliers

“We’re a busy cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, coffee, hot food, salads, sandwiches… you name it! We do it all,” Dominic says, “which is why it’s so important we have a trusted supplier we know we can always rely on.

St. George provides us with the best customer service and the best products… which is why whenever one of my friends opens a business, I always recommend St. George Foodservice.”

St. George Foodservice is proud to supply Wintergarden Deli with the very best and continue the legacy of being one of Sydney’s most complete and reliable wholesale solutions.


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