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Wyvan Johansen

Warehouse Manager

Wyvan is known all over the country for being a Sloth. But don’t worry, it’s not when he’s at work.

“Sloths” is the name of his Dragon Boat Racing Sports Club, which is one of the top three teams in Australia.

But you don’t get to dragon boat at this international level without demonstrating the ability to work in exceptional synchronicity, dedication and focus with your team…

…which are all qualities Wyvan brings to his role as warehouse manager for St. George.

“All the conditions in the warehouse have to be spot on. I work closely with the stock controller to do specific stocktakes every quarter, and we also do daily checks to make sure our stock is complete and we identify anything missing straight away.”

As the warehouse manager, Wyvan has tremendous responsibility at St. George. Everything hinges on the warehouse operating seamlessly and ensuring that all our products are looked after superbly.

Being proactive, planning and being in touch with all the other departments are absolutely crucial for Wyvan. “I work closely with both the purchasing department and distribution, so that we can plan around our needs,” he says.

My warehouse team is second to none. Their work ethic is exceptional and the team work is wonderful.”

St. George is planning on moving the warehouse in about 18 months, so Wyvan’s in for a big move. But he’s more than up for the challenge. “I love a big challenge – and managing the warehouse is what I’m good at.” That and dragon boating, of course!


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