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The York Street Eatery and Bangkok Bowl

York Street Eatery - Customer Testimony

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dominic (St George Foodservice Account Manager) for his dedicated service to look after our shops.

It is very difficult for small businesses under the circumstances right now. Dom took the initiative to understand our needs, looked for alternative products, offered a competitive pricing, patiently explained every line of product and made us feel comfortable and safe and gave us the feeling of being looked after.

His approach distinguishes from other suppliers who mostly just provide a pantry list that has not gone in depth of understanding what the business really wants. So I feel connected with Dom, and it was the right timing he came along the picture right after two years of COVID.

We have been a 10 years+ customer from the salad work days till now. And we hope to continue the relationship with St George for many years to come. ”

– Jason, Owner

St. George Foodservice

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