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Jim H

Distribution Supervisor

With 12 trucks, two vans, 11 drivers and hundreds of deliveries to manage, it might be an understatement to say that Jim has a busy job. But it’s one he just loves to do.

After 25 years with St. George, Jim knows the business inside out, having done just about every job there is – from customer service, sales and distribution, to the warehouse. “I’ll go wherever the business needs me,” he says.

Jim has seen enormous growth and change in the company over 25 years. And it’s a success that’s been well deserved, because, “It’s been a whole company effort to get where we are and earn our reputation in the industry. Everyone here is after the same goal,” he says.

“At St. George, we pride ourselves on being the earliest distributors in Sydney – and guaranteeing that the food will arrive at the right temperature. The delivery trucks all come under my jurisdiction, and it’s my task to ensure every run is smooth and on time.”

All the trucks have chiller sections and separate freezer sections. If there’s a problem, Jim’s the man to go to.

“All the trucks have an advanced GPS system to monitor the truck’s temperature. I do this often to make sure everything is compliant. Quality assurance is key for us. I can confidently say to a customer I’ve got a record of the temperature of the truck’s freezer and the food travelled properly.”

Jim loves working in the food industry.

“I’ve had customers I first met in 1994, who are still buying from us today, and they’ve gone from being customers to being friends. There are so many great people we deal with in this industry and so many great people who work here.”


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