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Nick H

Managing Director/Owner

Nick Haros always knew he was destined to work in St. George Foodservice.

It wasn’t because he was expected to work in the family business his parents founded in 1980, but rather because when you grow up in a family business it really does become a part of who you are.

Nick not only enjoyed a taste of responsibility from a very young age and a clear understanding of the dedication required to deliver consistent and outstanding customer service… he also inherited his parents’ passion for always doing the right thing by the customer.

But first, Nick wanted to get a taste of how other businesses work.

“Working for the Commonwealth Bank after completing my Bachelor of Economics really opened my eyes to the ways systems can make a business run smoothly and efficiently. And since I’ve taken the helm of St. George, I’ve been focused on making sure the business continues to fine-tune those systems so we can keep on improving and growing in ways that help our customers’ businesses, too.”

As the managing director and a shareholder, Nick has enormous vision for the business.

“My aim is to continue to grow and build on our wonderful customer base, to be responsive to change and be able to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing, ever-growing market.

We always go the extra mile for our customers, unlike distributors who simply pick up the product and only drop it off at one drop-off point before leaving. We offer a complete solution in food distribution because we add value to our customers’ businesses.

Nick is very excited for the future of St. George.

I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead of broadening our capabilities to deliver to new markets and offer new products.

Watch this space … it’s only going to get better.”

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